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Energy Retrofit Project l 82 Westmorland Street l Fredericton

This project is made by Naveco Power Inc, a company that aims to develop clean energy projects, providing benefits for the environment while simultaneously keep local investments profitable. This project consists of a completed energy retrofit of 82 Westmorland Street, a 65,000 square foot office building at the corner of Westmorland and Queen Street in Fredericton.  

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What is an energy retrofit? And how can it help?

An “energy retrofit” is defined as implementing an additional component to a building that it did not have in the beginning – which commonly helps improve its performance in energy consumption in some way. An energy retrofit is a helpful way to improve 82 Westmorland Street by increasing its market value, as well as make it an environmentally friendly building as it:

  • Reduces CO2 emissions by 30%. As a result, better help for the environment
  • Cuts energy consumption by approximately 50%. As a result, less energy expenses
  • Have fresh upgrades for the building: Ventilation and cooling system, and eco-friendly heating and hot water system. As a result, happier employees

Why choose 82 Westmorland Street?

​Aside from the energy retrofit project that Naveco Power Inc has incorporated for the building, 82 Westmorland Street is also located on Queen Street in downtown Fredericton. Being directly across the street from the Police Station, your employees will be well protected, as well as the building in walking distance to all the popular city locations. Not only will you be helping your business grow, but also care for the well being and safety of your employees.

82 Westmorland Street exterior Fredericton NB project

​So, Are you Interested?

​This energy retrofit project makes 82 Westmorland Street one of the most energy efficient commercial building to lease for all types of businesses in Fredericton. A building that takes into consideration the comfort of your employees and the value of the environment is usually a rarity in today’s business world, so if you think your business could use a building like this, contact us now using the button below.

​For more information about the company, please follow the link below.

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