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Commercial Lease Opportunity: Office Space with Energy Efficient Upgrades

Located on the corner of Westmorland and Queen Street in downtown Fredericton, it’s hard to miss the building with a long-standing history in Fredericton. It was once known as Levine’s Department Store, but unfortunately a major fire destroyed it in 1974. The owner at the time, Harry Levine, built it from the ground up to become a major part of downtown once again.

Now for the lease, this commercial office space is undergoing a retrofit that will cause 82 Westmorland to cut its energy consumption in half. This will make it one of the most energy efficient buildings in the city, and the perfect spot to lease for your business!

It’s been home to tenants such as Interactive Computer Systems, Federal Court of Canada, and Maritime Province of Higher Education Commission. It will have fresh upgrades, creating a more positive work environment for both old and new tenants. The upgrades include a ventilation and cooling system, LED lighting, and a new heat and hot water system, and solar panels.

82 Westmorland Street Fredericton NB building from outside

Exterior rendering of present building (2020).

Environmental leaf on circle NB

​Energy Efficient

​82 Westmorland Street will become one of Fredericton's most energy efficient office buildings.

Blue bulb NB Fredericton

​Fresh Upgrades

​New upgrades to the building will install a ventilation and cooling system, LED lighting, and a hot water system.

sun icon

Solar Powered

82 Westmorland Street has taken the initiative to implement solar panels, highlighting its drive for energy efficiency

Building Assets & Lease Options

​- Total of 65,000 square-feet, approx 30,000 square feet in total available for lease

​- Conveniently located next to Frederick Square parking garage

​- New upgrades decreased CO2 emissions by 30%

- Energy consumption will be cut in half (equivalent of taking 37 cars off the road)

​- Fresh air ventilation system

- Added solar panels

​- Building manager & facilitator on site

​- Can't be in a safer part of the city (located directly across the street from the Police Station)

​- Backup heating systems in place

​- Smart technology monitor internal and external factors to improve comfort and reduce energy production

​- Individualized smart technology settings for employees to increase their comfort

- Space can be configured to suit tenant requirements

- Space is spread out over four floors and there is an elevator

- Ceilings on the first and second floor are 12-15 feet in height



​Those who lease will be conveniently located downtown Fredericton in walking distance to all the popular city locations. Parking isn't an issue as the Frederick Square parking garage is directly across the street in the TD Tower.

City Hall Fredericton NB Building from outside


​low greenhouse gas emissions

​A recent energy efficient retrofit of 82 Westmorland Street has saved 2,304 GJ, and reduced the carbon emissions by 175 tonnes (which is equal to 37 cars off the road.)

light bulb with plant inside Fredericton NB



​The health of our current and future tenants is important to us. That's why with new upgrades, such as the ventilation, tenants can breathe easy knowing the systems are up to date and new.

Outdoor ventilation Fredericton NB

​Leasing Floor Plans

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320 Queen Street 1st floor plan Fredericton NB
320 Queen Street 2nd floor plan Fredericton NB
320 Queen Street 3rd floor plan Fredericton NB


Exterior and interior renderings of present building (2020).  Click to enlarge images

Queen st exterior Fredericton NB
Fredericton NB Interior office space with people
Fredericton NB Westmorland interior lobby
Fredericton NB Queen st interior spae

​How to Lease

Our goal is to work closely with each potential tenant and provide them with all the information required to conclude if this is the space that suits their needs.

For leasing inquiries contact:

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